1. What is the difference between a smart toilet and bidet toilet seat?

Japanese toilet:

·         Personal flushing and air drying.

·         Automatic cleaning.

Bidet toilet seat:

·         Personal wash with water jet and air drying.

·         No automatic cleaning.

2. Differences between the VOGO toilet series.


·         Automatic opening lid/top cover.

·         Control via APP or remote control.

·         Water tank not integrated.



·         Automatic opening top lid/cover.

·         Control via remote control.

·         With integrated water tank.

·         Foot sensor (A)


·         Automatic opening lid/top cover.

·         Side pushbutton panel and remote control.

·         Digital display panel.

·         With integrated water tank.

·         Foot sensor.

3. How does the emptying system work?

It works by means of a pressurised water jet that can be activated automatically or manually.

4. Installation requirements.

·         Waste water outlet.

·         Mains water supply.

·         Power socket.

·         Sufficient pressure and flow (only for S, SL and R series).

5. What is the maintenance?

VOGO SPAIN toilets are a product that manages its own cleaning, so you only have to clean it externally with a damp cloth. It is advisable to clean the particle filter every three months.

6. What do I need to use the smart mirror?

·        Power socket.

·        Wifi connection.

7. What apps can I have on my mirror?

You will be able to download all the apps you want, Instagram, Facebook, etc.

8. Is there a guarantee?

According to EU regulations, the legal warranty period is two years for all products. The consumer also has the right to return the order within 14 days, for any reason, by consulting our online returns service.

9. Return policy?

For returns, smart toilets must be returned in the same condition and packaging in which they were received.

If the reason for returning the product is not because it arrived damaged, faulty or incorrect, we will not refund the shipping costs or any other service related to the order; we will only refund the cost of the product minus the transport costs incurred.

10. What happens in the event of a fault?

Through the VOGO SAT service, we offer the most efficient and appropriate solution to your problem.

11. What happens if the power goes out?

VOGO SPAIN toilets are of the latest generation. In the event of a power cut, our intelligent system goes into basic function and an internal battery already incorporated is activated.Cuando esto ocurra, no estarán disponibles las funciones automáticas del inodoro.

When this happens, the automatic functions of the toilet will not be available.

12. Does it comply with European standards?

Yes, all our products have been verified by the certification body for products and appliances for marketing and use in Europe and marked with the European Conformity (CE).