At Vogo we are pioneers in the modern design bathroom sector, by presenting a new concept of Smart toilets and Smart mirrors, which go beyond what we are used to seeing and using, combining avant-garde design with the latest technological advances in electronic toilets.

All this is part of the objective of improving our quality of life, not only on a personal level, but also promoting a firm commitment to the environment and to the consumption of our planet's natural resources, such as water and trees. For this reason, we only distribute smart toilets that do not incorporate the traditional water tank.


All the people who make up Vogo share the same philosophy and values, which make us grow as a team and allow us to walk coordinated in a single direction to achieve our goals.

Our philosophy is very simple and clear:

"Make these water jet toilets an alternative for people committed to the environment"

What are our values?

The values ​​that we consider most important and that we promote at VOGO are:

  • · Transparency and honesty.
  • · Quality relationships with customers.
  • · Passion for the well done work.
  • · Commitment to the environment.

Behind VOGO Spain is a team of professionals motivated by innovation and technological advances, who support the entire system that makes up this large company, from the customer service and advice to the IT and logistics department.


We are official and exclusive distributors of the VOGO smart toilet  and smart mirrors official distributors in Europe. In this way, our service is backed by the guarantee of a brand that has been on the market for more than 10 years.

We make sure that the entire logistics process works perfectly to get the Japanese toilets to any point in Spain and Europe within 24-48 hours. The warehouse and logistics department is in charge of preparing and reviewing each and every one of the orders placed to make them available to the Correos Express transport agency.

Fabricación de indoros.


We like to know what is said about us and about the service we offer, for this reason, we appreciate that if you have any comment, let us know, we will be happy to hear it!

Maintaining feedback with our users seems essential to us, to be able to improve in our day-to-day life and offer products and a service at the level of the most demanding customers.

Likewise, we work hard to develop advanced technological solutions, innovative ideas to achieve a system that improves the quality of life and personal hygiene of each and every one of our clients.