Smart toilets have meant a radical change in our way of life, since, like all technological developments, they have led to a considerable improvement in well-being and personal hygiene.

These toilets that wash you with water, are characterised by their cleaning system, but above all, they have an extensive list of functionalities aimed at fully automated hygiene, to offer an unequalled experience.

These ecological toilets help to save up to 100% of the toilet paper used in a conventional toilet, thanks to their hot water jet flushing and automatic drying system. As well as up to 70% of the water, compared to traditional flush toilets.

As for virtual mirrors, a virtual mirror is a form of technology that combines a conventional mirror with digital technology to provide functions such as displaying useful information (time, weather), enabling touch interaction, offering augmented reality for product testing, facial analysis for personalised recommendations and connectivity with other smart home devices.


Using our Smartphone wherever we go is something we are used to. So why not do the same when we go to the bathroom?

Our smart toilets with integrated bidet have their own remote control, allowing you to control all the functionalities from your mobile, thanks to the "Smart Toilet" app, which you can download from the Apple Store and Google Play.

The mobile application of this toilet allows you to configure all its parameters, from the temperature of the water, the seat, the drying air, the massage function or the automatic cover opening sensor.

Inodoro con App móvil

Have complete control over your toilet thanks to the VOGO Smart toilets mobile app. You can also use the remote control included with all models, or use the digital panel on the side of the toilet with the basic functions.


VOGO's minimalist line and special care in the finishes of each toilet is the essence that distinguishes these designer toilets from the rest of the brands on the market. The design of our 6 different lines of modern toilets and 3 different lines of smart mirrors, with more than twenty different models and colours, will fit perfectly into any style of bathroom.

At VOGO we have combined the functionalities of a bidet and a toilet, creating an intelligent and automatic toilet, which is able to manage its own cleaning on its own, without the need to press any buttons. 

Inodoros de diseño.

Highligths of the intelligent toilet

VOGO electronic toilets are designed in such a way that the connections are hidden behind the back of the Smart toilet.

Its oven-enamelled ceramic interior and ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Butadiene Styrene) exterior provide great resistance and durability, ensuring the quality of the materials used throughout the production process.

Its night light function allows a better location at night, ideal for the elderly or people with reduced vision. They also considerably improve the quality of life for people with disabilities or reduced mobility. 

With the development of advanced engineering, it avoids annoying and unnecessary noises and knocks, thanks to a synchronised closing of the seat and lid with a dual-axis damping system, which is automatically activated by the presence sensor, as long as it is activated.

In the event of a power failure, you can continue to use the electronic toilet as normal, thanks to the external 9V battery.

Highligths of Smart Mirror

A smart mirror combines the functionality of a conventional mirror with the versatility and advanced capabilities of digital technology to offer an interactive and personalised experience in the home.

Virtual mirrors stand out for their sleek, modern design, combining technological functionality with attractive aesthetics and an intuitive user experience. Among its most outstanding features are: Integrated touch screen, intuitive interface and adjustable lighting.


The installation of VOGO toilets is much simpler than the installation of traditional toilets, only three basic elements are required:

1. The water supply: This is the most important point, as the water must have a minimum pressure of 2 bar.

2. Waste water outlet: Either floor or wall mounted.

3. 230 V power socket: Traditional plug (Type F).

In addition, the installation of smart toilets does not require hardware, which facilitates and presents several key benefits in the installation and maintenance of the toilet.

Ease of installation By eliminating the need for screws and other fasteners, installation becomes simpler and quicker. This can reduce the time and complexity required to assemble the toilet, resulting in a more efficient experience for the installer.

Reduced damage: By not drilling holes in bathroom surfaces to drive screws, the risk of damaging walls, floors or tiles during installation is minimised. This is especially beneficial in bathrooms with delicate or difficult to repair finishes.

Improved aesthetics: The absence of visible screws in the installation of the smart toilet contributes to a cleaner, more modern aesthetic in the bathroom. This provides a sleeker, more minimalist look that can better complement the overall design of the space.

Ease of cleaning: With no exposed screws, the surface around the toilet is easier to clean and maintain. There are no nooks and crannies where dirt or debris can accumulate, making it easier to clean and helping to maintain a more hygienic bathroom.

Increased durability: By avoiding drilling holes in bathroom surfaces, the risk of damaging the structural integrity of the walls or floor is reduced. This can contribute to a more durable and stable installation in the long term.


We reaffirm our commitment to the environment, which is why we rely solely on VOGO ecological toilets.

These toilets, while fulfilling the various intelligent functions of an electronic toilet, contribute to a significant reduction in environmental impact. Smart toilets can save up to 70% water compared to a traditional flush toilet.

It also means a significant reduction in the consumption of up to 100% of toilet paper, as it is no longer necessary to use it: This type of flushing toilet enables excellent personal cleaning without the need for paper and finally drying with hot air.

In normal standby mode, the standby power is 2W per hour. The complete VOGO toilet consumes only 0.048 kilowatt hours per day (24 hours) when in standby mode.

The power consumption of the interior UV light is 1W per hour. As for the maximum operating consumption, when all functions are in the menu, the consumption is 0.25 kilowatt hours. At maximum operating speed: 1120W (when the heating module heats the water to 40℃).


Our smart toilets are developed under an elaborate manufacturing process, complying with the particular requirements of safety and compatibility of the International Electrotechnical Commission in reference to the regulation of household appliances and similar.

We are SGS certified and accredited by the European Union for the sale and distribution of Smart toilets, which undergo exhaustive quality controls after assembly and before sale.

Quality is one of the aspects we consider most important, so our Smart toilets meet the expectations of the most demanding users.

And no less important, as we are official distributors for Spain, users can feel very reassured by the backing of the Guarantee of up to 3 years, according to EC regulations, offered by a Spanish company

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