You may be wondering what a Japanese toilet is, also known as a Smart toilet it is the perfect combo of technology and convenience.

Japanese toilets incorporate the functions of a traditional toilet and a bidet. This means a reduction of space and a saving of almost 70% of water. 

VOGO Spain's Japanese toilets have an automatic cleaning system that makes it possible to eliminate toilet paper 100%, which is why these toilets are considered totally ecological.


Tactile mirrors are the future, the comfort and luxury offered by these intelligent mirrors is most satisfying. Getting out of the shower and not finding the mirror fogged up, being able to listen to your favourite music, being able to touch it without fear of leaving fingerprints on it, etc.

VOGO Spain's smart mirrors contribute to your well-being and give you a daily report on your state of well-being.

From our illuminated mirrors, you can access the internet and make online purchases, watch series, download your favourite apps and many more functions that will make you fall in love with them.

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